Boxing Day Tube Strikes to Affect January Sales

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Tube strikes are expected to disrupt London’s January sales, after train drivers voted in favour of a walkout on Boxing Day.

Retailers will be hit hard by the strikes, as Boxing Day is traditionally the first day of post-Christmas reductions, and an important day in the retail calendar. Last year saw shoppers spend £60 million on the one day throughout shops in London’s West End.

Tube workers are striking due to inequalities in their wage system, as organised by their union ASLEF (Associated Society of Locomotive Steam Enginemen and Firemen). The strike will commence at 00:01 and end at 23:59 on Sunday 26 December 2010.

The news comes as a further blow to retailers, who are predicted to be affected by VAT rises, which come in to force from January 4th 2011. Value added tax on all ‘non-essential items’ will be increasing from 17.5% to 20%, to help raise £30 billion for the public deficit.

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