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Bicester Village collaborates with Susie Bubble for Chinese New Year

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Designer outlet mall Bicester Village has announced it will be launching a pop-up shop in celebration of Chinese New Year curated by fashion blogger Susie Lau, otherwise known as Susie Bubble.

The pop-up, opening on 29 January, will showcase established and rising Chinese fashion designers including BFC Fashion Trust Award winner and LVMH award finalist Huishan Zhang, Ryan Lo, Anaïs Jourden, Mukzin, I Am Chen, Marie Yat, Xu Zhi, Matter Matter, Yang Li and Snow Xue Gao.

As well s the opportunity to see and buy contemporary fashions from these designers, visitors to the pop-up can also enjoy other Chinese New Year festivities. There will be a a YiFang Taiwanese fruit tea pop-up and the newly opened Shan Shui restaurant will be serving East Asian fusion cuisine.

You can visit the Celebrating China pop-up at Bicester village until 17 February 2019.

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