Alexa Chung’s fashion label backer is named

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Alexa Chung’s new label, Alexachung, will be launching later this spring and the financial backer has recently been revealed as British investor, Peter Dubens.

Dubens, the co-founder of Oakley Capital Private Equity, has dipped his toes into several different investment opportunities, including label Bella Freud, but he is not a name that is normally associated with fashion.

However, the entrepreneur’s first business success was also linked to the fashion industry. Dubens worked together with Marks & Spencer’s heir, Jonathan Sieff, to create a line of colour-changing t-shirts that was sold five years later for 8 million pounds.

Chung and Freud were both introduced to Dubens by model and British Vogue contributor, Laura Bailey. The two met while on holiday in St. Tropez and Bailey recognized his skills for marketing and spotting talent, while allowing designers freedom to run their businesses.

The Alexachung label is due to hit stores in May and will feature premium contemporary pieces including daywear, eveningwear, denim, shoes and jewellery in a similar vein to Chung’s signature style. T-shirts are expected to be priced around £80 – £100 and up to around £650 for items like jackets.

Dubens has stated he does not intend to work with other fashion brands in the future and Alexachung will be his last investment into a small company.

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