Advanced Style: Age and Beauty

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Advanced Style, has been celebrating the style of older women in New York for the past four years.

The stars of the blog and their unique dress sense are now captured in a short film of the same name, in a series of mini-interviews in which the women describe their style and express their love of fashion and colour. Advanced Style showcases the timeless, classic looks of women who know that fashion is for life, not just for youth.

The fantastic side to the film is the passion these women have, and the knowledge that they are dressing for themselves. One women states, “It took me a long time to get here”, proving true style comes from years of experience. Most of the women shown in the Advanced Style film are in their nineties and proud of their ability to retain a feeling of excitement for dressing up.

One of the stars of the blog and film, Iris Apfel, has also produced a makeup range for MAC, sharing her love of orange-red lipstick and other signature style statements. A rare bird herself, each shade is named after an exotic species; LDNfashion loves Lipstick in Party Parrot!

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