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adidas Originals collaborates with Ji Won Choi at London Fashion Week

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adidas Originals debuted their collection with New York designer Ji Won Choi at London Fashion Week in a presentation at Hawley Wharf in underground Camden.

This is the third adidas collaboration with emerging female designers, who are tasked with reimagining adidas’ iconic style. Ji Won Choi’s take on the designs explores the idea of movement and plays with the original three stripes design, with a nod to the designer’s Korean heritage.

The 17-piece collection includes tracksuits, a jumpsuit, bodysuits, accessories, and swimwear in a saturated palette of lavender, dark blue, red, green, pink, and black. The tracksuit silhouette is presented in a number of variations including wide leg pants with a sleek track top, and a wide-sleeve track top with elongated straps.

The collection will be available exclusively from and select adidas Originals retail stores from 23 February.

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