Interview: Adam Reed – Co-founder of Percy & Reed

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Adam Reed is one half of the duo behind the Percy & Reed brand, which now boasts salons in West and East London as well as a line of lust-worthy products to tame and beautify your tresses. Diane Kruger and Sophie Dahl are just two of the famous names that have him on speed dial, and together with Paul Percival he has traveled the world in the name of hairdressing. A self-professed perfectionist and shoe aficionado, we tracked him down to answer our insightful Q&A.


1. When did fashion/a sense of personal style first become important to you?

I think that it was always there. It was difficult in Somerset to actually buy nice clothes! I always liked to buy nice things and would pick things up at Jumble Sales and Charity shops. I always asked for clothes for my birthday and Christmas, and at the time the Next directory was my bible! I would also get my hair done as a birthday gift. I am not a fan of vintage now though as I can’t stand the smell.

2. Who is your style icon (living or dead)?

As I have got older I have become a bit more classic and often check that I am not walking out of the house as mutton-dressed-as-lamb – something that I am always afraid of! I would say that it would be a cross of Steve McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent.

3. How would you describe London style?

I think that London Style is so diverse it would be difficult to actually describe it. There are so many pockets that create their own styles. If I had to sum it up I would probably say eclectic. I love that you see real characters wherever you are in London, and that you can wear your own style wherever you are. London is exciting and produces some of the most incredible designers, milliners and cobblers in the world.

4. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be (and why)?

Sydney, Australia. I would want to live somewhere that I speak the language. (If I could speak Thai I would chose Koh Lanta in Thailand) It is an amazing place and has some of the world’s best hairdressers. I had never wanted to live there until I visited about 7 years ago and I totally fell in love with it.

5. Limited to just a suitcase, which items from your wardrobe would you have to take with you?

• Mark Thomas Taylor Bali Shirt
• Red Riviera Shorts
• Cos White T- Shirts
• Edwin Camo Chinos
• Folk Hat
• Gap Chino’s
• Sefton T Shirts
• Dries Van Noten Barker Jacket
• Dries Van Noten Hailstone Trousers
• Lanvin Sandals
• Trickers Bournton Derby Brouges
• Birkenstock Wool Clogs
• Sunspel Underwear.

5. What are your most used grooming/beauty products?

• Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
• Diptyque 34
• Santa Maria Novello Melagrano Soap
• Dr Oliver Toothpaste and Mouth Cleanser
• Percy & Reed Finishing Polish
• Solar Nail Oil
• Paul & Joe hand cream.

6. When and where did you look your best?

Last year at the Creative Head Magazine Most Wanted Awards.

7. Which is your favourite season of the year (and why)?

I love the Autumn. I love the fresh air, colours and the smell of the leaves.

8. Who in your own family most influenced your sense of style?

I’m not really sure that anyone has. I was quite individual really and tried to create a look that was my own.

9. If life was a movie, which film would you most like to live in?


10. Which grooming or fashion mistakes most irk you in others?

Over shaped face and body hair on men! Keep it natural!

11. Cat or dog?

Dog all the way!

12. What lesson would you pass on to younger people following in your shoes?

Take everything that you can on board and never think that you know it all.

13. What motivates you in your career?

To be the best that I can be. It sounds a bit clichéd I know, but it is true.

14. If you could trade looks with anyone who would that person be?

Steve McQueen

16. What category of clothing are you most drawn to/are most likely to overspend on?

Shoes. I love shoes!

17. Which is your most treasured sense?

Smell, I would have loved to have been a Nose if I was not a Hairdresser. It is the most evocative sense.

18. Name three elements of a perfect holiday.

Amazing Food. Tranquillity. My boyfriend Matthew.

19. If you could change a single aspect of your appearance what would it be?

I would be thin! That’s all.

20. Your ideal lunch venue and guest.

Chaat on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch with my sister Josie and my best friends Michelle and Karen.

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