WATCH: Twiggy retires from modelling – 1970

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Lesley Lawson is possibly one of the most successful and iconic models ever to come out of Britain. Back in the swinging sixties, the teenage schoolgirl was scouted for her unconventional look – short hair, slender frame and wide eyes, all which became signatures of the ‘Twiggy’ aesthetic.

It was her androgynous appearance that earned her a new moniker, leading Lawson to be named “The Face of ’66” by the Daily Express; a title that would catapult her career to new heights overnight. Still in her teenage years, Twiggy posed for the likes of Vogue magazine (13 times in one year) and The New Yorker, which dedicated 100 pages to its exciting new subject.

However, after four years of fashion stardom, the international supermodel dropped a bombshell in the above interview – she was “bored” of modelling. Having been taken on a whirlwind ride through high fashion, Lawson became disenchanted with the business, looking to take her talents elsewhere.

Expressing a wish to hit the silver screen in the 1970 clip was a path that would later prove even more successful, with the model picking up two Golden Globe Awards by 1972, going on to host her own television show by 1974. But regardless of how fruitful her entertainment career was, she will always be remembered for those four key years in front of the camera. Twiggy’s modelling days may be gone, but they will never be forgotten.

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