Top 10 Most Fashionable Cars

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On the streets of London you’ll see some of the most fashionable cars in the world. Whether you’re after a small efficient car to nip around the city streets, or a trendy sports convertible to turn heads, there’s no reason why your personal style can’t extend to your vehicle.

Here’s our guide to ten of the most stylish cars on the block:


1. Nissan Figaro

The 1991 Nissan Figaro was put into production in response to the increased demand for classic cars in Japan in the early ‘90s. The design inspired by models from the ‘60s and ‘70s and the car was available in four retro colour choices of Lapis Grey, Emerald Green, Pale Aqua and Topaz Mist. The Figaro was wildly popular and as only 12,000 cars were built, it was necessary to enter a lottery to buy one.

The exclusivity and classic designs of the Figaro makes this model one of the most fashionable and unique cars on the streets today and with an affordable price tag for a classic import – around £2,500-£7,000, depending on condition

1. Nissan Figaro


2. Range Rover Evoque

The limited edition Range Rover Evoque, designed by Victoria Beckham in 2012 was hugely popular at release and as there are only 200 units in existence, you can be pretty sure to stand out as you’re driving down the high street.

The design was inspired by luxury jets, high fashion and classic cars, and is hand finished in matt black with rose gold details. The interior is styled with vintage tan leather and mohair floor mats.

range rover victoria beckham


3. Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is available in various limited edition special versions including: By Diesel, in partnership with the Italian fashion label in 2008-2009. 10,000 cars were produced in three different colours and included alloy wheels, Diesel logos and denim upholstery. Gucci, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the fashion house in 2011. Available in black or cream with chrome detailing and black and white interior. The designs were unveiled during New York Fashion Week.

fiat 500 gucci


4. VW UP!

This small city car is perfect for London streets and includes special technology such as automatic city emergency breaking, which uses lasers to detect an impending collision at speeds under 18mph. The VW UP! is available in several models, paint colours and interior options.

vw up


5. Renault Zoe

The Zoe is one of the most stylish options from Renault’s range of electric cars, styled in a similar design to the popular Clio model. Designed for short distances, the electric motor is ideal for the urban environment – you get about 80 miles between charges. The Zoe is available in seven colours including Arctic White (metallic), Azure Blue and Calico Grey.

renault zoe


6. Peugeot 108

Touted as “A small car for a new generation of city drivers”, the 108 is the smallest and most affordable option from Peugeot. Despite its reasonable price tag, the 108 doesn’t feel like a cheap car with nice touches like leather upholstery and an integrated camera for reversing. It’s a great car for manoeuvring and parking in tight spaces in the city and also looks great with a huge range of colours and personalization options including dogtooth motif, two-tone colours and street-art-inspired ‘tattoo’ decals.



7. Citroen DS3

When an advertising campaign includes Iris Apfel, you know that style has been given a priority. The new Citroen DS3 announced the 94-year-old fashion icon as its brand ambassador to align with the uniqueness and style-driven design of the premium brand. The DS3 is available in a huge range of personalisation options, which include contrasting two-tone colours and distinctive roof designs.

Citroen DS3


8. Ford KA

The Ford KA has been one of the UK’s favourite city cars since its launch in 2008. The KA’s small size and low running costs make it ideal for city drivers. The latest generation incorporates a wide range of models including the latest special editions, Zetec Black and Zetec White. When it comes to personalization there’s a massive selection of colour, interior, and trim options.

ford ka


9. Mazda MX5

The new MX5 is a car that’s incredibly fun to own and drive and is almost in a class of its own as an affordable convertible sports car. Mazda has gone back to its roots with the design of the MX5, based on the original 1990 iconic roadster.

Available in seven colours and with stylish sleek lines, you’re sure to get noticed in this car. With only two seats and minimal boot space, this isn’t exactly a practical family car but it’s just the thing if you want to enjoy getting out into the country and zooming around on the weekend.

mazda mx5


10. BMW i3 x Mr Porter

BMW partnered with menswear retailer Mr Porter earlier this year, and the result is the stylish i3 electric vehicle. The design of the car is inspired by men’s bespoke tailoring with Tuxedo Blue paint (six other colours also available), white accents, oak wood interior and each model comes stocked with accessories from top fashion brands including a bowler hat, sunglasses, a London umbrella and Phaidon city guide book.



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