Timberland Life Swaps: From London to Barcelona

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adaptability and lifestyle-focused popularity of its collections with a new campaign. Inspired by the idea that our lives are no longer defined by the country we are based or were born in, the brand has partnered with media hub Vice to launch an exciting project called Life Swaps. They are working with four creatives from four major European cities, each swapping lives with one another for one weekend.

Barcelona-based furniture designer Marc Morro and writer Sam Smith from London take each other’s place, while photographer Claudia Zalla from Milan and Berlin’s music and technology guru Willy Iffland trade flats, friends and hobbies.

Each participant will leave each other lists of their favourite hangouts, including restaurants, bars, record shops, parks and fashion boutiques. Some of the things they will be getting up to include visiting the Neukolln Arcade rooftop bar in Berlin, going fishing in London’s Regent’s Canal, discovering architectural treasures at the Malpensa airport outside Milan and visiting acclaimed Barcelona-based chefs as they whip up gourmet meals and serve them in their own homes. The whole idea is that each creative will feel completely in their element.

#INMYELEMENT is also the hashtag for Timberland’s Fall ’14 collection, which is suited equally to city and outdoor lifestyles and “continues the rugged and refined sartorial theme on which the brand was founded.”

“Though ingrained with a desire to make good performing clothes and shoes, Timberland is as dedicated to pushing the stylistic boundaries of its versatile and casually elegant products,” explained the brand of its latest lineup.

Find out more about the Life Swaps campaign at http://lifeswaps.timberland.com/es/.

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