OnePiece: Black Friday and Cyber Monday special offers

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The OnePiece Jumpsuit is proof of the old adage that nothing truly great is ever achieved by following the rules. Created on a lazy Oslo Sunday morning in 2007, the brand perfectly captures the essence of a carefree weekend.

Whilst searching for the ultimate in slackerwear, the OnePiece team experimented by tying together a hoodie with a pair sweatpants using a giant zipper. This moment of genius led to the creation of the famous OnePiece Jumpsuit.

Fast forward to today, and with celebrity fan base including Ellie Goudling, Richard Branson, Liam Payne and Khloe Kardashian the OnePiece is a global movement of slackers, counting 10 Concept Stores, over 1000 retailers selling in over 100 countries and over 1 million fans worldwide.

To celebrate Black Friday OnePiece is offering 20% off everything + 50% off product No. 2. (28th November). The fun doesn’t stop there, on Cyber Monday (1st December) OnePiece are offering 15% off everything plus 3-for-2.

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