Moss Bros Proms 2015 collection

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With 2015 proms season almost upon us, talk of suits, dresses and pink stretch limos begins to flutter down school hallways across the country. For many young men, the Prom marks the first opportunity to dress themselves in a suit. It’s an exciting time, a chance to show a sense of style that goes beyond wry school uniform customisation. A sign that, upon leaving school for whatever chosen vocation, you’ll take with you an understanding of formal party wear.

For some, choice boils down to shiny ties, lilac shirts and ill-fitting suits. Half of the time, the reason behind this is purely down to individual taste. Though tastes do change, some of these individuals are destined to become those men who, though in their late forties, still spike their hair with strong-hold gel and still wear silver ties with lilac shirts. Maybe the same ones they bought for prom.

The rest of the time though, prom styles are defined less by taste and more by budget. Many prom goers, and their parents, believe that buying a premium suit isn’t worth the money. As a result, they’ll either choose to buy cheap, borrow from dad or hire. Reasonably priced and fashion forward, the Moss Bros Prom Collection aims to appease these buyers. The collection is dominated by slim cuts, with a wide breadth of style on offer according to the dress code of the event and personal tastes.

With lounge suits in various shades of blue, boldly patterned formalwear and printed velvet jackets, the collection offers prom goers a chance to stand out from the homogenous lilac mass. The brilliant thing is that much of the collection is also available on hire from Moss. In the bygone suit hire era, standing out was most often restricted to the realm of cummerbund colour, and who wears one of those anymore anyway?

For those who are interested in more ‘traditional styles’, the collection also offers suits from a handful of key guest brands like Ted Baker, DKNY and French Connection, with many lines exclusively available at Moss Bros.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite pieces from the collection below. You can see it in its entirety here, on there you’ll also find some handy advice on getting suited and booted for the big night.


Moss London Slim Fit Bright Blue Suit, £129Seeping with attitude and individuality, this bright blue suit synonymises the quirky youthful urban style with which the Moss London brand is associated. Slim fitting; it gives the illusion of a more tailored look without the hefty price tag.



Moss London Slim Fit Coral Dandelion Print Shirt, £30 (free with suit) – A versatile shirt that works as well paired with jeans (not for prom) as it does with formal wear. The refined print and slim cut work well worn under a suit, as seen in the picture above!



Moss London Slim Fit Navy Mixer, £168.00 – Worn with a waistcoat, this suit offers a slightly more formal, refined look without losing grasp of more contemporary styling. Add a pocket square to give the look some extra personality.



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