WATCH: Levi Strauss 501 ‘Creek’ advert – 1994

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If you grew up in the nineties, you’re sure to remember some of Levi’s iconic adverts. The denim brand was renowned worldwide for its humorous, tongue-in-cheek and youth-charged television ads, turning out memorable clip after memorable clip. Even the likes of Brad Pitt landed a starring role in one of the label’s coveted TV spots.

However, this throwback Thursday we’re heading back to 1994, to a sterling example of Levi’s unashamedly cheeky advertisements. Its infamous ‘Creek’ ad tells the story of an Amish family hitting the mountains, covered up head-to-toe in their traditional, dated clothing. Picnic at the ready and a horse and cart on standby, everything about the scene screams the conservative, simple life.

But when the two young daughters make a run for it into the woods, they’re greeted by a lone hunk bathing in the nearby lake. Much rubbing, washing and close up shots of the model splashing himself with water ensue, leaving the girls to swoon on the sidelines.

Waiting for the big reveal of his bottom half, to see if it matches the unclothed state of his top half, the girls finally see he’s wearing a pair of Levi’s 501 Shrink To Fit jeans. So what of the jeans they’ve just picked up on the bank? They belong to a not-quite-so-handsome bather who appears at the last minute. Awkward.

Comedy, sexual tension and hot models were signatures of Levi’s adverts, with this simple equation of themes continuing well into the 2000s (Flat Eric, anyone?). While we may not be treated to this approach by the denim label anymore, we’ll never forget those provocative advert breaks that we always looked forward to. Gone but never, ever forgotten.

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