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Silk nightwear, effortless dresses, cozy throws – there is nothing we don’t love about fresh, up-and-coming British lifestyle label YOLKE. We caught up with founders Ella and Anna to find out about their fashion backgrounds, where they look for inspiration and their must-visit places in London.

How did you get started in fashion?

Ella: A very hot summer spent in a warehouse unpacking boxes of the most incredible dresses. Surprisingly I was hooked!

Anna: After a photography foundation at London College of Fashion I spent a summer working at Temperley (where I met Ella!) and then went on to work in fashion PR for the next few years.

Tell us about YOLKE – where did it all begin?

It started over a shared love of textiles, prints, colour and dressing up!

We’re magpies to anything unique and luxurious and felt there was a gap for a lifestyle brand that combined clothing and homewares in classic shapes but bright and bold prints. Although we dress quite differently we have incredibly similar taste for colour and print and over many after work late night chats the brand was gradually born.

We first found you on Instagram – how important has that been for the development of your brand?

We discover a lot of brands, artists, designers etc. through it and the way followers grow and spread is certainly helpful for our own expansion.  It’s just another great way of accessing a huge amount of potential customers very quickly.  From an aesthetic point of view the brand is very much an extension of our own lives so being able to show that visually on a day-to-day basis just further paints a picture of the YOLKE world.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Ella: My mother had an attic full of vintage treasures and at the moment I find myself mentally walking around that room trying to re-imagine the prints from 1920s tea dresses to taffeta jackets that were all stored there.  But it can also come from anywhere, picking up a postcard in the V&A to a pattern on a tiled floor.

Anna: My background is in interior design so I often find my inspiration comes from textiles, tiles and furniture over other fashion designers.  In the same way as Ella though it can really come from anywhere.  I’m colour-led, so will often just say to Ella I’m feeling Mexican green right now and then she’ll go off and design the exact print I’ve been dreaming of!

Who is your dream YOLKE girl?

Ella: Zoe Saldana – she’s great at picking unique outfits and has cool girly/tomboy aesthetic.

Anna: Caroline de Maigret – she’d definitely rock our AW pinstriped pyjamas as eveningwear.

What’s next for the brand?

Expanding the current line of day to night pyjama styles and adding more products to the homewares collection. Our print gallery is pretty big now so it’s just choosing what to apply them to next!  We’re also showing at London Fashion Week in September which we’re really looking forward to.

…and finally – where would be your top five must-visit places in London?


1. Breakfast at Duck & Waffle
2. Rowing from Chiswick to Richmond on the tide
3. Golborne Road
4. Holland Park for a picnic
5. The Textiles archives at the V&A


1. The Soane Museum
2. Primrose Hill
3. Anywhere along the river but a run past Albert Bridge is a favourite spot
4. Petersham Nurseries
5. Any ballet at the Royal Opera House

Instagram: @yolkegirl


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