Top 10 Fashion Apps You Should Download

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If you’re constantly glued to your phone, then you probably already use it for online shopping and browsing fashion blogs, but there’s also a whole world of apps out there for everything from street style snaps to virtual wardrobe creation. Here’s a list of the best fashion apps in the UK for our tech-savvy readers.


1. Lyst

Lyst partners with hundreds of designers and stores worldwide to bring you an app that allows you to browse and shop millions of products in one place. You can choose brands to follow and the app will create your own personal shop and suggest new items based on your preferences. / iOS


2. Styloko

Styloko is a social shopping app that allows you create your own personal boutique and to follow those of other users. You can get a feed of personalized products from your preferred brands, keep track of items on your wish list and find items in stores that are physically close to you. / iOS


3. Polyvore

Polyvore makes putting together an outfit a breeze. You can shop for items from your favourite stores and cut and paste them into a mood board, automatically including prices and links to the items. You can also browse and shop from other users’ boards. / iOS / Android


4. Snap Fashion

Snap Fashion uses advanced photo recognition techniques to help you find similar items from photos you’ve uploaded. Ever seen someone wearing an outfit you love or want a cheaper alternative of a designer item? Just take a photo and the app will search its catalogue of fashion from over 150 retailers to find results based on the colour and cut of an item. Snap Fashion also allows you to keep wishlists of your favourite items and follow trending items that other users have chosen. / iOS / Android


5. The Hunt

The Hunt is another app that can help you track down an outfit you spot on the street or in a magazine but rather than using computer algorithms, this app utilizes the power of its community to hunt out items. Upload a photo and get the help of 3.5 million users to advise you where to buy it. You can also get fashion and style advice, suggested accessories and styling tips, as well as finding the best price. / iOS / Android


6. Pose

Pose is a social app that has been described as the “Instagram of fashion”. Users can upload photos to share their outfit and get inspiration from other’s styles by following their favourite users. Favourite looks can also be easily saved by dragging them onto a board similar to the way Pinterest works. / iOS / Android


7. Gilt

Gilt is a designer sale shopping app that allows you exclusive and first look access to designer fashion sales offering discounts of up to 70% on mens’, womens’ and children’s clothing, home décor and furniture. / iOS /Android


8. Shopstyle

Shopstyle allows you to find and compare products from hundreds of brands and retailers, buy them, add them to wishlists, get pricing alerts, share your favourite products on social media and get fashion advice and inspiration, all in one place. / iOS / Android


9. Like to Know it

If you follow a lot of fashion bloggers, Like to Know it is a must-have service that allows you to shop directly on Instagram for the items you covet. To use it, simply sign up for the service and like any Instagram photo that has a “” link. You’ll be automatically emailed a list of items contained within the image, along with links to buy them.


10. Cloth

Cloth is quite possibly the only app in existence that uses the weather in its algorithms. Cloth uses GPS to read weather reports for your area and suggests suitable outfits, based on the items you already own, accordingly. The app works as a kind of virtual wardrobe – you upload snaps of outfits and tag them with appropriate weather conditions and categories. You can also browse through other users’ wardrobes and search for fashion inspiration by colour, location, designer, or weather. / iOS


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